Staged Homes Get Sold in 3 Days or Less and My First Television Appearance

It’s been a busy month here and I wanted to share some of the successes.   I’ve had the pleasure of working with seller’s who really “Get It” when it comes to marketing a home.  Buyers seem to be out in full force and the inventory of homes available for sale in the Oklahoma City metro is less than it has been in the past couple of years.  I’m finding more and more that Staged Homes Get Sold

A few minor changes to the flow of this room helped open up the view.

In the past 2 weeks 3 of the 4 listings I’ve taken have had offers within 3 days or less!  All had some degree of staging and the sellers did exactly what I asked of them to make their properties shine.

Adding a punch of color and sitting area outside really helped buyers envision living outside all the time

So, with all the activity of late I failed to mention my new television career (sorta).  I was asked to do a segment on the May 14th episode of KSBI Channel 52’s All About You  Host Kealey McIntire & her crew brought me on to discuss what it takes to make your home stand out over the others in today’s market.  It was a great experience.  Are there any other topics you would like to hear discussed on the show?

Click on the image to be directed to watch the show

Here are the notes from the segment:

Your home is now a commodity get ready to merchandize & showcase every feature to get top dollar.  There is a reason you see people hanging around in all those staged spaces in IKEA!  Your home should feel like a hotel and give the idea to a buyer that if they lived there, they could be that organized.
1.   Professional, jaw-dropping photos are what get people in the door.  That’s the number one complaint I hear when working with buyers, the photos don’t give any idea of the space or details. Over 90% of buyers start their search online and if you don’t wow them with their photos they aren’t going to even bother coming to take a look.  Remember the above statement that Staged Homes Get Sold.
2.  Curb Appeal & Landscaping
  • Green Grass, fertilize & water
  • Edge your yard
  • plant some colorful flowers
  • Mulch those flowerbeds
  • exterior lighting
3. Professional stager, or at least a consultation
  • Can accessorize & rearrange to maximize your homes best features
  • De-clutter, organize, edit.
  • Plan on renting a storage unit or pod to unload
  • Lamps & overhead lights
What is the view out of each room, can you make it better?
Take before pictures and then pull them up on a tv of computer screen, that’s what other people are going to see and ultimately make them decide to see it tour not.  You will be shocked at what you see on screen that you don’t or have gotten used to seeing in person

3. Showings
  • Fresh flowers in the house
  • Music-Music playing softly- I have a playlist set that includes Norah Jones, Michael Buble’ & Jack Johnson.
  • Lights-Every light in the house on, all window treatments open to make it as bright as possible
  • Scent- Splurge on a really nice candle that will make the house smell amazing, I buy Anthropologie’s Volcano candle in bulk and use it at almost every home.
Hire a professional REALTOR® to help make this as seamless as possible.
Whether you are selling your $50,000 condo or million dollar plus estate, your property has to be the one that stands out in front and remember Staged Homes Get Sold!
If you know anyone interested in getting their home sold, I’d love the chance to talk with them.  It is an honor when I receive a referral from a friend or colleague.  Simply email me and I will follow up as soon as I can.



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